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Katie Raboin

Senior Research Associate

Katie Raboin holds a B.A. degree in Communications from Central Connecticut State University. Before joining PRG in 2003, Katie worked for the Connecticut DOT’s Highway Safety Office. While at the DOT, she worked on both state and federal projects which included Connecticut's innovative belt use and impaired driving initiatives, both of which involved heavy interaction with law enforcement officials. She was also a member of the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee, which met regularly to discuss highway safety goals and priorities from a law enforcement perspective.

Since joining PRG, Katie continues to be involved in evaluations of projects involving highly publicized media/enforcement programs (i.e., Click It or Ticket , Over the Limit Under Arrest, You Drive. You Text. You Pay., Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other). She is skilled in managing data collection teams for roadside observations (seat belts, cell phones, texting, motorcycle helmet use, proper child restraint use, etc.). She also supervises other types of data collection (DMV awareness surveys, law enforcement sobriety checkpoints data, face-to-face interviews, and telephone/web surveys).


Before progressing to project management and training, Katie conducted a variety of field work and data collection activities. She has conducted annual statewide seat belt observations, cell phone/distracted driving observations for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, conducted telephone interviews with older drivers involved in crash, created detailed summaries of findings from an Older Driver Mobility expert panel, and interviewed commercial truck drivers on changes to Hours of Service laws and regulations.


Katie has worked closely with Connecticut’s law enforcement liaison (LEL) for 10+ years to ensure proper data collection and analysis for Connecticut’s bi-annual sTEP Wave belt enforcement program. She is the point of contact and PRG’s liaison for all law enforcement departments in the state for this particular project. Katie served as one of PRG’s sample managers for numerous DUI checkpoints in Connecticut and West Virginia. Katie is currently our Project Director for two of our multi-year State Highway Safety evaluation projects (Connecticut and Rhode Island). Katie has presented at Connecticut’s Law Enforcement Summit and other traffic safety conferences and meetings. In addition to her project specific duties, PRG staff members rely on her writing, document formatting, proofing, and editing skills for many project reporting documents (from survey instruments to interim reports to final reporting documents). Katie has provided editing services for many of PRG’s draft and final reporting documents, before they are submitted for final agency review and/or go to print. She proofs final reports for grammar, flow, overall content and style, as well as conducts detailed cross-checks of all summary data in tables and figures.


In her spare time, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and their rescue “kids” (two large cats and one tiny dog), Zumba, archery, jewelry making, creating small-scale nature paintings, and visiting local wineries.

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